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"Busta music busta music a time for every style get used to it "


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Jyemo Club 

\ ji-mo club \  def - A fusion of Latin rhythms, reggae heart and global rock power.


From all over the world, born in Colorado, now based in Los Angeles, California. 


Jyemo Club; an ongoing experiment of combining diverse musical influences that share a common thread - One Love & Relentless Rhythm. 


Reggae mixed with blended with bachata...funk fused with dancehall...a dubbed out melodica playing alongside salsa percussion?!? Lyrics are delivered in English and Spanish, singing, rapping, improvising. Choruses that sound like chants you hear in a soccer stadium. All lab and live tested results lead to an original, cohesive sound played with reverence and authenticity.


Spearheaded by Jonny Jyemo, the Club features members who represent the roots & cultures of Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Philippines and the United States. The perfect international musical ambassadors: Cluberos Unite!

"Musica busta musica busta un tiempo pa cada estilo acostumbrate"

Jyemo Club :

Whitney Hernandez - vocals

Olivia Rebolledo - keys

Phoenix Hodges - vocals

Ron Aggabao - guitars

Ivan Malespin - bass

Juan Moreno - percussion

Jonny Jyemo - drums

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